Meta Mouse is an input method that enables a computer mouse to be used in a three-dimentional environment. When using the Meta Mouse, a mouse cursor will be visible in the application window, so that you can hover over and click on 3D UI elements. This feature exists as the MetaInputModule prefab so that it can be added into your scene.

The prefab contains configurations for the Meta Mouse. These can be modified in the Inspector.

Meta Mouse Event System

The following describes each of the properties available in the Meta Mouse Input Module and what they control. 

The Event System uses the Event System script. 

First Selected – Chose from the available Game Objects in the scene.

Send Navigation Event – checked or unchecked.

Drag Threshold – specify a numerical level of drag.

Meta Input Module

The following describes each of the properties available in the Meta Mouse Input Module and what they control:

Horizontal  Axis – The name of the horizontal input axis from the InputManager.

Vertical Axis – The name of the vertical input axis from the InputManager.

Submit Button – The name of the submit action binding from the InputManager.

Cancel Button – The name of the cancel action binding from the InputManager.

Input Actions Per Second – Number of keyboard/controller inputs allowed per second (see the Unity Standalone Input Module docs).

Repeat Delay – Delay in seconds before the input actions per second repeat rate takes effect (see the Unity Standalone Input Module docs).

Force Module Active – Force this module to be active (see the Unity Standalone Input Module docs).

Meta Mouse Config

The Meta Mouse Config section contains additional parameters. These can be seen in the Inspector when the ‘Meta Mouse Config’ submenu is expanded.

The properties and what they control are as follows:

Sensitivity – 

Float Distance – Specify the distance of the cursor from the camera when it is not over a UI component.

Distance Damp – Specify the damp factor for the responsiveness of the cursor’s when it moves away/toward the MetaCameraRig to match the depth of the UI component it has hovered over.

Enable On Start – checkbox.

Note: Anything that is not covered under Meta Mouse Config is inherited from Unity’s StandaloneInputModule which is documented here: Unity StanddaloneInputModule.

Getting Started

To use the Meta Mouse, you must add the MetaInputModule prefab to your scene. This can be found in the Assets/MetaSDK/Meta/Mouse/Prefabs folder.

MetaMouse Prefab

The Meta Mouse is designed to work with Unity’s UI system. The UI Canvases that you wish to be clickable should be configured to use ‘World Space’ as the render mode. No event camera is necessary.


MetaMouse Canvas settings

The physical mouse may then be used to interact with the Unity UI components (e.g. Buttons) in the scene. When the Meta Mouse cursor is over a UI component, it will move toward/away from the user to match its depth. For more information go to Unity 3d’s class-Canvas page.

Example Scene

An example scene that demonstrates the features of the Meta Mouse can be found in your project, under Assets/MetaSDK/MetaExamples/SDK/MouseCubeInteraction.unity.

This example scene demonstrates a simple cube. Use F8 to enable / disable the Meta Mouse. If the user moves their mouse cursor over the cube, they can see the blue mouse cursor. Clicking on the cube lets you move the cube around the scene.