The Meta SDK includes an Eye Calibration application that creates a profile that you can save to improve your visual experience. The Eye Calibration application establishes your Interpupillary Distance (IPD), i.e., the distance between the pupils of the eyes.

The process positions the stereo cameras in Unity to match the position of your eyes, so that objects in the virtual environment, such as the hand mesh and marker-tracked objects accurately line up with their position in the real world.

You can set up multiple profiles for multiple users of the headset. Just name them separately and after each member runs the calibration, the application will save each individual IPD.

To Add a Calibration Profile:

1. Open the Meta Utility Application from the system tray.

2. Select Calibration > Add Calibration Profile to start the application.

The “Create Your Profile” window opens.

3.  Enter a profile name and click Done.

4. Put on the Meta 2 headset.
A video describes the best way to adjust the fit of your headset. 

5. When you are ready, click Start Calibration.
The Headset Eye Calibration window opens, instructing you to continue the steps through the headset.

6. Follow the steps as prompted in the headset, pressing Enter after each one.

7. The application runs a series of tests to generate your IPD number.
When calibration is complete, you may launch the Meta Workspace from the Utilities app. 

Select an Existing Calibration Profile

When multiple users share a headset, they will want to switch back and forth between previously calibrated profiles. 

To switch between existing profiles:

1. Open the Meta Utility Application from the system tray.

2. Select Calibration > name of existing profile. 
For example: Joe’s Office Profile.

The IPD settings for that particular user is used.

Tips for Maximizing Your Vision

When switching between users, as in a demo situation, users might experience some blur in the headset. In most cases the resolution is not through IPD changes but through the first two steps of the Eye Alignment application:

  • Adjusting the headset vertically and horizontally as it sits on the head.
  • Taking the glasses off if they are on, or putting them on if they were off.

Another thing that can help is switching the pad on the forehead from the thicker one to the velcro only ones. IPD will affect the depth perception of where the user sees their hand-glove in the virtual world. 

There is a percentage of people that can’t perceive the edge or margin of a boundry, which is a common scenario for most headsets (VR/AR). We currently do not have a solution for that.